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Enrichment activities

Enrichment’s – are a vital and exciting part of the Codrington School experience. Students are exposed to new, intellectually challenging concepts and physical challenges delivered in a positive and supportive environment. Students are encouraged to use these programs as an opportunity to develop their personal interests, sample new experiences and challenge themselves outside their normal range of interests.

At the beginning of each semester, students have a selection of enrichment’s they can choose to sign-up for that takes place Monday through Thursday, between 3.00pm and 4.00pm.

To sign up for enrichments please click here!

 Refund Policy – It is important to note that once enrichment’s begin the child has the option to participate in the first class to decide whether or not he/she would like to continue with the enrichment. You must withdraw after the first class of an enrichment to be eligible for a refundRefunds will also be issued in the following circumstances: an enrichment is cancelled; a student is unable to attend due to a family emergency or illness (a full or partial refund will be given depending expenses already incurred for the program).

In the event that a class is cancelled due to an instructor’s absence, the instructor may opt to schedule a make-up class during a lunch period or before the end of term.

Aerial yoga

Instructor(s): Cheriza Kothdiwala

Children’s Yoga is associated with an array of benefits. While developing coping and relaxation skills to self-regulate, motor skills are also developed resulting in better coordination, physical strength, balance and flexibility. This activity also enhances one’s body and spatial awareness while helping their concentration and focus levels of anxiety reduce and thus improving their state of relaxation and academic function. Through yoga, a child’s self-confidence increases and the ability to trust in others is established as they build bonds with their peers with positive social interaction. This helps and encourages them to accept and respect individual differences and be comfortable with developing their own creativity and expression skills. Overall, physical poses along with breath work help children exercise, play and connect more deeply with their inner self as well as practice being present and mindful. Cheriza incorporates dogs in the environment as she has found with her therapy that animals offer many mental health benefits to children such as alleviating stress and anxiety while boosting the happy endorphins in the brain. The dogs are contained to a corner of the studio and children have a choice to interact with them IF they wish to. This enrichment is off property, please see location link below. https://ul.waze.com/ul?ll=13.14151500%2C-59.58265500&navigate=yes&utm_campaign=default&utm_source=waze_website&utm_medium=lm_share_location

Art Splash

Instructor(s): Ms Elayne Hosford

Elayne is the director of Art Splash Barbados in Hastings.

Art Splash is a fun and creative art class for children. Every term we focus on a new and exciting theme such as music, pop art, nature, under the sea, the circus among many other topics. We cover painting, drawing, print-making, 3-d work, and much more. In this club, students will learn about colour, form, shading, perspective and design, all in a fun and creative environment. Art Splash is FUN!

Art Splash in Barbados

Basketball MYP

Our main focus is to ensure the children are enjoying the sport of basketball while learning the fundamentals, which includes ball handling, passing, shooting, defense, footwork and team work to name a few. We are focused on creating a positive environment to assist the young boys and girls, while helping them to become better all-around athletes on and off the court. This enrichment is being offered at school (3pm-4pm).

Chess Club

Instructor(s): Kelvin Daniel

Former Rapid (30 mins) and Blitz (5 mins chess champion) of Barbados, many times national finalist. Has represented Barbados 3 times at World chess Olympiad.

Chess coach for 20 years. “Coach at Garrison Secondary where current national Under 20 champion was.”

Vice President of Barbados Chess Federation responsible for Tournaments

International Arbiter ( Has been arbiter twice at World chess Olympiad)

New students will be introduced to the game of chess. They will learn through practical play, how to move pieces, the rules of the game and how to complete a game. A brief history of chess will also be looked at. Students will also learn how to record a game.

Students who already know how to play will partake in lessons to improve their skills. The solving of problems will be used to improve their analytic abilities. A study of the three basic parts of a game (opening, middle game and end game), will be made to improve their understanding of the game.

Groups will be split initially by age and then by skill level.

Coding Club MYP

Our program teaches children the fundamentals of coding: sequences, conditional, loops, variables, functions, classes, DRY, etc. We use fun engaging activities to teach these fundamentals with a variety of tools/languages, depending on the age of the child, Code.org, Scratch (graphical coding language), Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS & P5JS. For secondary students we will also teach them how to build web pages, games and will introduce the basics of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This enrichment is being offered at school (3pm-4pm).


In this class you will have the opportunity to learn to dance in a both an enjoyable and a thorough way. During the term you will be exposed to different dance forms (classic, modern, contemporary, AfroCaribbean, urban, Latin) by a professional Cuban dancer and choreographer, and you will also acquire useful skills, such as body training & expression, self-management, as well as stage presence. This enrichment is being offered at school (3pm-4pm)

Football (Soccer)

Instructor(s): Mr. Andy (MYP) & Kelsey/Bibi (PYP)

 The emphasis is on fun and enjoyment. Practices consist of fun games to develop balance; kicking; running with ball and scoring plenty of goals. The sessions are designed to make participants socially interact with one another as well as promoting confidence and decision-making. Each session tries to build on the previous session with each topic lasting between 4 and 5 sessions. And of course tailored football matches to suit age and ability.

Football at Codrington School in Barbados


Instructor: Roy Downes

Acroflex kids gymnastics is a enjoyable energetic recreational gymnastics environment, in which we focus on developing basic and advanced locomotion’s. Our goal is to improve skill, build self-esteem and confidence. Gymnastics helps children to build a range of motor and coordination skills, and assists in developing a good sense of body awareness. A young gymnast will learn how to use different parts of his/her body in different ways. Participation in gymnastics develops body awareness, control, and focus, which can be beneficial to other physical activities, sports, and in everyday life. With the use of different types of apparatus, we create fun and safe circuits for your kids so they can enjoy the maximum range of activities that the sport has to offer, while having fun. This enrichment is being offered at school (3pm-4pm)

Instructor(s): Sandra Sampson 

Owned and ridden horses most of my life. Competed in both dressage and jumping. Started riding school approx 15 years ago. F.E.I. Level 1 certified riding coach. Additional coaching courses through B’dos Olympic Assoc and National Sports Council. First Aid. Taught P.E. for 10 years at St. Angela’s School (age 3 – 7) Certified Aerobics Instructor by IDEA

Horse back riding lessons (riders are also taught to groom, bathe & pick out hooves as part of horse care. As well as all riders are to clean the saddle and bridle that they used.) Progress certificates are issued as riders attain various goals, i.e rising trot and canter on lead, and again repeated when off of the lead rein. And for various other achievements that I may find worthy to acknowledge at any given time. Good sportsmanship, kindness, hard working, etc are all qualities that are looked for in any rider. Work book issued to assist in learning about horses. All Codrington riders would be invited to compete at any relevant horse show whether in-house or at other stables if they are interested in competing. Please note that horse show entry fees and any other cost related to competing are not included in the term fee.

Safety Helmets and enclosed shoes must be worn. STS makes every effort to ensure safety of both rider and horse, however you RIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Martial Arts

Instructor(s): Roy Downes

Ninja Warrior

Obstacle Course To engage students in meaningful movement and fitness lessons through our state-ofthe-art obstacle course facility. This activity will also use and help develop locomotors skills, demonstrate respect for self and others in this activity and following the rules, encouraging others and playing within the spirit of the game or activity. This enrichment is off property, please see location link below. https://www.waze.com/en/live-map/directions/bb/saint-john/hill-view/barbados-ninjathrowdown?place=ChIJVbqIiRDzQ4wRWxQbpbGvD5w

Robotics & Coding PYP

The purpose of the Coding & Robotics program is to develop introductory and intermediate skills in the areas of critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration while learning the basics of coding and programming. Students will learn to code a virtual robot in a rich 3D online environment using various activities and challenges, while having their own personal profile on the platform to track their progress. Students will eventually develop their own group challenge project that will be showcased at the end of the term or year. Additionally, they will also learn about Internet safety and the importance of being good digital citizens. This enrichment is being offered at school (3pm-4pm).


Instructor(s): Mr. Alan Burke and Mr. Adrian Howard

Alan is a multiple international and national surfing champion. He was awarded a bronze medal in the 1998 World Surfing Championships held in Portugal. Alan has been teaching surfing since 1993. He has coached all the current successful juniors, including the 2009 under 12 Barbados National Champion, the 2010 and 2011 under 21 Barbados Champion and the under 16 National Champion, the Barbados Junior Surfing Club under 12, under 14 and under 18 Champion, Joshua Burke.

Surfers are coached on all aspects of learning to surf and information provided is determined by the students’ ability and progress. Classes are conducted in waves no bigger than 3ft. Beginners are taken through basic steps and points of safety on the beach prior to entering the water. Surfboards used are designed for safety and for fast progress. Our priorities are safety, fun, and learn!


Instructor(s): Advantage Tennis Services (Damien Applewhaite and Duncan Evanson)

We are a tennis coaching company with over 10 years coaching experience. We pride ourselves on providing patient and professional coaching to help you reach your personal tennis goals – whether fitness or technical improvement. With internationally qualified coaches we cater to both juniors and adults of all levels, from beginners to intermediates, through to advanced players. ATS is affiliated with some of the biggest tennis institutions on the island such as Sandy Lane Resort, Fairmont Group and Ocean View Tennis Club.

For children who will be introduced to the game of tennis through generic ball skills. These will include: balance, movement, co-ordination and general dexterity exercises introduced through fun games and skills exercises. They will be introduced to the basic strokes needed to play the game. The sessions will also cover basic racket skills and basic strokes. The emphasis is on developing FUNdamental movement, ball skills, skill learning and above all else, FUN!

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