The Codrington School - The International School of Barbados


Secondary School

The Codrington School puts a great emphasis on academic success. As part of our goal to increase the focus and support on academics within the secondary school, the school offers after school tutoring in many of the subject areas. The goal of these sessions are to provide “subject focused” assistance with a subject specialist for those students who may want reinforcement of their learning Or for those students who may want extra challenge or to extend upon what they are doing within the curriculum.

These sessions are optional; though do require the students signing up beforehand. For an overview of the after school tutoring sessions please see the below table:







Ms. Stephanie Biology - DP Only

Secondary School meeting

Mr. William - MYP Only

Mr. William English & Tok & drop-in-DP only


Ms Nadia French

Ms. Nicola English -MYP Only

Ms. Ana Humanities & History


Ms. Nicola English & drop-in DP Only

Mr. Anthony Maths - MYP Only

Ms. Carla Art - drop in


Mr.Daley Maths  - MYP Only Ms. Stephanie Biology/Science

Ms. Mila Spanish - DP only


Mr. Oliver Maths - DP HL Only: COMPULSORY

Mr. Darren Chemisty/Science

Mr.Daley Maths  - MYP Only


Ms. Luz Spanish - MYP Only    

Mr. Oliver - drop-in DP Only


Mr. Darren Chemisty - DP Only